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Putting things together. The Three A's of Depression Recovery and Management by Laban Johnson

Putting things together. The Three A's of Depression Recovery and Management

by Laban Johnson

These are the three main steps a depression sufferer must take on their own on the road to depression recovery and management:

Acceptance - Until the depression sufferer accepts that there is a very real problem they will rarely see the need to take action to do anything about it. This is denial, and very little can be done for those who are still in denial of their depression. The only way to face depression it is to accept it is a problem. Therefore it is better to know, than to not know and try to fight the inevitable while it is allowed to destroy careers, relationships, and self-esteem. If they don't want to get help, and they won't do anything to change. Sometimes a very real threat of losing something very special to them may or may not be enough to encourage them to accept it. They may just have to hit rock bottom before they want to do anything about it.

ccountability - Until the depressed person comes out of denial they will refuse to see the damage they may have caused or may be causing to others around them and to themselves. However, after accepting depression as a personal problem, one must stop blaming everyone and everything around them and take accountability for the consequences of what may happen if they do not take action, the next step!

Action - Taking action personally is an absolute must for recovering from depression. This includes getting properly diagnosed, learning more about the problem by reading articles and books on depression, getting on medication, talking to friends, seeking clinical help, attending therapy or counseling sessions. For someone with serious depression, doing something about it is the hardest thing in the world and this is where friends and family can really help. You may still have to drag them to the doctor for your own sanity, as well as theirs, but once the depressed person has gone through acceptance and accountability stages, coaxing them to take action is a lot less difficult!

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